Veterans Garden

Veterans Garden

First I just want to say that this light does not exist here, I fired a strobe to capture what is here at nighttime. The Veterans Garden displays a sculpture of a veteran soldier walking into a black granite wall. The black granite is extremely polished to give maximum reflection back to the viewers eye. This effect gives the soldier a surreal look, the feeling of time passing from then until the present moment your in. If you stand next to the solider, you can catch glimpse of yourself standing in time. The wall is supposed to represent the bridge between the dead and the living. Surrounding this display are walkway pillars that represent every fallen solider of the Vietnam war from Rochester. This specific location on the site is a place of connection and reflection. The sculpted piece itself is extremely detailed in clothing, equipment and skin.

-Ian Hyland



3 thoughts on “Veterans Garden

  1. I feel like this image is even more powerful with the contrast presented by the strobe. war, violence, soldiers and other symbols of conflict are represented outside away for the homes and that which is supposed to be protected. This image almost makes me feel like the soldier is stepping home rather than simply into death or an abyss; leading with the footstep but primarily the head.

  2. The fact that you took this picture at night with a strobe makes it that much more powerful. I almost feel like the statue shows the act of the solider stepping into battle and in this case that most certainly meant death. Its almost like the solider knows what he is getting into before anything has actually happened. He is stepping through a portal (the granite) knowing that he is most likely no coming back.

  3. This is a really beautiful photograph. I have many connections to service members so this image especially strikes a chord with me. To me it appears as if the soldier is stepping into battle, and as Tom said, is aware of what he’s about to get himself into, a.k.a. he knows of the sacrifice he is about to make. I think as a society we tend to take our service members for granted; we can’t forget how immense their sacrifices are, and this is the perfect piece to allow you to stop and “reflect,” literally. Love this so much. Thanks for sharing!

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