The pile of stuff that is the sentinel

There is no doubt that every campus tour at RIT has at least one thing in common; taking a look at the sentinel statue. My first look at it left me in pure confusion trying to see what was described as a man on horse back with a sword and shield. It was not until I was told that I had to be in one specific location to see it that I understood why I was not able to see the art the way it was designed. This statue is a great example of Zagacki & Gallagher’s points to art being able to influence the way people experience the landscape around them. This piece does an excellent job of changing the way that people look at this part of campus. It undoubtedly draws the attention of anyone who passes by and requires a second look if for nothing other than confusion. The piece seems to change the way it is made up in the different parts of the day depending on the light shown on it and the shadows it casts. It demands the eyes of anyone within an eye shot and throughout my four years here, I have never seen it fail to be a great place for photo majors or to baffle the freshman that try to find a way to see the horseman without traveling up into the Eastman building.


One thought on “The pile of stuff that is the sentinel

  1. Same with me. When I first saw the statue and I had no idea what it was supposed to be, until someone told me and I still can’t see the a man on horse with sword in it. Somehow I think it would be impactful if it is located on a field of grass, giving the sense of grass with pieces of sentinel going together. For example, locating it on that small field of grass in the middle of Booth, Gannett, Eastman and Liberal Arts Hall buildings.

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