Stairwell Art

IMG_20180213_182450I discovered this miniature collection of student artwork while walking through a building I’m not usually in to stay out of the cold. I was expecting the usual grey, dingy stairwell as I went up a floor, but instead the stairwell landing wall had a handful of photographs and artwork from students of the college. I had to stop for a minute and look at each piece.

Several of the photographs are just of people in everyday situations, lecturing, attending class, or just standing around. The subject is familiar and we can all relate. Between these photos are works that I consider a bit more visually interesting. Architecture, abstract and glitch art, a photo of someone taking a photo. The different styles help draw the eye from piece to piece but the obvious standout out is the red-orange portrait. I’m not sure I understand it, but its very interesting and definitely eye catching.

A stairwell is not traditionally a place to display artwork. The location helps the art standout and is the reason I noticed it in the first place. The drab stairwell is certainly enhanced by the artwork. People may not have the time or convenience to stop and look at the artwork, however. Generally people are moving quickly through stairwells. I think the art enhances the space but the space detracts from the work.


2 thoughts on “Stairwell Art

  1. I have passed these photographs many times in the gannett building. I remember when they put them up and I thoroughly enjoyed the addition to these stairways. Especially in gannett, the stairways are very bland, cold and dark. Seeing the images by faculty and students lightens up the moods when running in between shoots or classes. When passing the artwork, it also gives a sense of pride within our school, and college. It shows off our talents and makes students probably proud what they’re studying or gives other students a glimpse of talent they are around. It can be inspirational.

  2. It was really cool to hear your perspective on this stairwell and the art in them! Like Lianne, I’m also a photo student, so I go up and down these steps many times a day. It’s also interesting because I know what’s going on in a lot of the candid “behind the scenes” moments, and I know many of the photographers of the real creative work on the wall (like the red-orange portrait). This is making me think about how people from different realms relate to pieces like this, knowing that these pictures have a totally different meaning to me than they must for you, just by nature!

    I agree that they are nice additions to the stairways! I’m really jealous that other buildings aren’t quite as lame as Gannett, haha. Plus, they aren’t intrusive, but are there for you to look and observe if you want, like you did. Even though I see them everyday, sometimes I still stop and look closer, even if I have before. They relate to home for me, a little bit. You should walk along the third and fourth floor of Gannett, too. They have lots of nicely printed photographs to admire! I really like that you posted about this!

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