RIT – Barnes and Noble


This is the Barnes and Noble @ RIT. It is the first place with big logo “RIT” on it that I could see when I first came here on 2011, my first year.

I’ve only come here few times throughout my 5 years at RIT, and most of them were related to picking up my textbooks for courses. I’ve never thought about this place until I saw the assignment for picturing place. There is also another Barnes and Noble near my house in Pittsford, and that one is actually larger than one in here. The very thing I liked about this place is that, this lace offers lots of chairs in upstairs, and most of school supplies as you can see in the photo are all next to each other. Everything needed for students, including from coffee to notebooks, spaces, fast school RIT Wi-Fi, and even school shuttle bus is here! There is random jazz sound playing in the place with very small volume, but they won’t bother for students to just come here and read the book, or do their own assignments.

This place creates nice mood for reading, enjoying books and the place is bright enough to let not our eyes get tired easily.

Overall, I can see that some people might not want to come here. Some materials/books are obviously expensive that ones in Amazon, and this one is actually not located in the campus, unlike the library. But, this place is still good enough if you are willing to take shuttles or drive here.


2 thoughts on “RIT – Barnes and Noble

  1. Barnes and Noble is an interesting place that is apart, but also not apart of campus. I always thought it would be more convenient if park point was some where on campus. I think the way the lawn is set up outside would be a cool place for people to hang out and do homework. I think if park point opened more successful stores/restaurants, then barnes and noble would receive more attention.

  2. I am thinking it may will gain more attention and be busier if it is relocated on that big field across from Gleason Circle and next to University Commons apartment. Since it is located so far away from the campus which force students to ride bus, drive or even some are willing to walk which aren’t a great place for students to come in and hangout. If it gets relocated somewhere on the campus, the students will come in to hangout and do homework and the B&N sales will increase. Second thought, I’m thinking maybe the college books and materials should be moved downstairs and college-related clothing’s, makeup and others should be moved upstairs. It may not be the pleasuring view but the primary point of having RIT’s B&N was for selling college texts to RIT students so it’ll be easier for the students to rush inside and grab something they need and get out.

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