This mural can be found on the very bottom floor of the Thomas Gosnell building at RIT. The mural is made up of smaller black tiles with white outlines for the design. However, the designs grab your attention as they are no ordinary patterns or common shapes to overlook.

The designs consist the muscular system of a man, the constellation of the big dipper, oceanic creatures, numbers, letters, and etc. that all pertain to what the Gosnell building represents– science.

The mural consists of over 100 tiles. Almost every tile has a black background. I thought this was an appropriate color as black can mean mystery. Science is a mystery. Sometimes people get lost or confused when looking for answers to a question. I feel as though the white lines/designs on the black titles represent the answers. The answers to a question become clear and bright.

One of the best parts about this mural is that it is big. Gosnell has at least three floors with an open atrium. I used to have a class on the third floor. While I waited to go to my next class in Gosnell, I would sometimes look over the stair railings and look down at the mural. Although I was high up from the mural, I could see the designs on every tile clearly. I saw that every tile is important to the mural. The design on each tile represents something in the science field and that helps create/paint a bigger picture.


3 thoughts on “Principia

  1. I agree that this is such a well done piece of art on campus. It almost feels seamlessly integrated into the building and the multiple floors that surround the atrium. I think the black tiles with the white engraving is effective as a stylistic choice that provides contrast and pop so that it is easy to view but it also provides that distinction between mystery (black) and the illumination of science(white). I think this piece is inviting and also unobtrusive, you could go about your day and not even notice it, or take your time to scan over all the different aspects of the mural like it wants you to. Its use of diverse recognizable symbols allows for this one mural to pertain to the entire college in one go.

  2. I too think this is a well done piece. The idea that the white lines on the black tile represent the answers to questions people might have when it comes to science is such a good analogy. I feel like if people took their time walking around on above floors, they would notice this mural more, but if they were walking on the floor where the mural is, they may not notice it. I like that the colors are black and white too, it represents simplicity but also complexity, which could also describe science.

  3. I’ve always loved astronomy and this mural is one of my favorites. The study of these subjects always seem so vast to me as a business student. Working within the walls of human made and human centered processes seems relatively small as compared to when I took a class in astronomy and considered ramifications of the entire universe with an controversial yet decidedly not man made origin.

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