Innovation Mural


This is a mural in the Innovation Center. It is a wall of etched glass that separates a lounge area from a presentation room. Each glass panel is over 400 lbs and the etching on the panels is supposed to represent all of the colleges at RIT. There are many symbols present in this mural, like the DNA helix, binary code, planets, satellite, stars, etc. It seems like the overall theme of the mural is supposed to represent innovation, since it is in the Innovation Center. It shows the many different fields that students are studying at RIT and how they are innovating in their field of study. The glass wall opens up the space around the lounge, and is a great addition to add to an area that a lot of students frequently study. It is not too colorful or bold, and does not grab your attention too much. It is, however, a nice sight and helps to create a calming and relaxed space where students can hang out or study.


3 thoughts on “Innovation Mural

  1. I have passed this mural so many times and did not know it was supposed to represent all the colleges. I think this mural is a great representation of innovation. The mural being so simple but so complex encourages this word, “innovation”. I like how it creates an open space even though it is a wall that separates rooms. The symbols help create a world and separate space within a building. Creating a space where students feel comfortable enables ideas to be produced. Its crazy to think one piece of artwork/mural can change the feeling of a space.

  2. I think it is so cool that the images on the glass are supposed to represent each college here at RIT. This kind of art definitely captures the “innovation” that is RIT. I also agree that it is a good use of space, creating a see through wall that still allows a feeling of openness.

  3. I didn’t realize that mural is at the Innovation Center for the whole time, but I believe it has reason to give the positive, powerful potential RIT community mural can provide an innovative community. It includes entrepreneur experience in a mural-based innovation education is something to remind if they recognize to feel the vibe when they won’t forget. It can be glass as an art form is a design to create a fused or mosaic glass for the Innovation Center.

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