Camera Mural



This mural is on the fourth floor of Nathaniel Rochester Hall, a dormitory. Usually when you think of a dorm hallway, it is plain and unassuming. Here, at the end of a dark hallway, we have these bright, colorful cameras. Rochester is dark, and when there aren’t many windows, this little brightness make everyone’s day a little more cheerful. Even though it isn’t outside, it does respond to its environment, of college life and of Rochester winters. We call this hallway, and the mural by association, Narnia. It’s the hallway that goes to nowhere (aka the next dorm building).


5 thoughts on “Camera Mural

  1. I agree that these vibrant colors create an inviting/welcoming feel in a non intrusive way. This piece feels to me to be inspired in the vein of Andy Warhol with the grid lineup of different cameras in different colors. The cameras depicted all have a vintage appearance which makes it feel more classic and approachable than if they were all super sharp high tech new cameras. It definitely seems like this piece adds to the area that it is in and that it would catch the eye of passerby.

  2. I find this mural is inviting and intriguing. I shows students that creativity is important and apart of school culture at RIT. The bright colors is welcoming, especially the new students living the dorms.

  3. I had no idea this was there! Knowing that this floor is photo house, it would make sense to have a camera mural there. I agree, the placement of the mural is super important. Yes, the mural would look great almost anywhere, but it serves a greater purpose. Cameras need light to make an image, so it is literally bringing light into what you described as a dark hallway. It’s happy! It could possibly be considered intrusive because of how bold it is, but it is flat on the wall, and plus, almost all of the people on that floor either have a love or an appreciation of cameras. Cool example!

  4. This caught my eyes in looking at the vibrant color cameras I know the floor of the photo house for whom are major in photography. These vibrant color of cameras with a wow-factor requires a little thought. It is also vital to be aware just how dominant color can be in an image of the paint and how students can use this to their advantage because of their majors that contribute to a well-balanced composition. In addition, there was an excellent general to follow in photography design to keep it simple which was especially true when working in color. It includes only essential elements of the scene will invariably have more impact than a complex image with too much detail. That was why it elusive quality to capture is that of mood or atmosphere to focus on an upbeat, happy feeling. It leads to emphasizing the bright colors show dynamic and energetic atmosphere to give a thoughtful response to the viewers.

  5. I don’t live on campus and I never have. But this image caught my eye immediately when I opened up the page. It is cool to see something so vivid and bright in a dorm. I think it is great how not only are the different colors to showcase the cameras, but there are different types of cameras through time. It’s like a history of cameras without coming off as historical. I think this kind of mural works so well and much better than putting a simple large painting or even just some lights to brighten the hall. This mural does its job well.

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