The Sentinel


When you first come to RIT, chances are you will encounter this massive seventy-three foot tall sculpture. The Sentinel is one of the staple art pieces on RIT’s campus and while at first glance, it seems like a mash up of twisted metal but upon closer examination, some have seen the image of a man on a horse. Regardless of whether you see the horse or not, one cannot help but to pause even for a moment to observe this giant sculpture.

I fell that using the metal with the large bolts showing and even the gear shaped object on the right of the statue is very symbolic of RIT. It is very industrial and concidering the nature of our institute being tech oriented it seems to be a very fitting piece to bb near campus center. The base color seem to blend in with the surrounding brick building and the silver does a nice job giving it the metallic industrial look.

I think this art piece has a significant impact on campus. It is so tall and is located right in line with the main entrance it would be hard not to notice it standing there. Because of its size and location, it can serve as a meetup point and it is a great symbol of school pride even. Although it is a large statue, the base was clearly designed to be open so that people can pass underneath it. Because of this design, I would not label it an intrusive piece to the space.


2 thoughts on “The Sentinel

  1. I agree with you on how the sentinel very much represents RIT. The way I see it as though is that it represents the campus life and atmosphere. The robustness of the statue I think fits in very well with the all brick campus design. In a way they both just seem to give off a very industrial vibe. Furthermore the way that the sculpture is made up all various odds and ends scrap pieces is symbolic in the fact that RIT is made up of many different parts to create a whole.

  2. I can definitely agree with your first sentence. Before orientation week, my friend who was a senior at the time showed me around campus. She told me to meet her at the big statue past the main entrance, which I would later find out is the sentinel. It is a great statue and a good conversational topic. With all the different theories as to what the sentinel actually represents (I’ve heard that on top of a roof you can make out a tiger). I never actually thought about the way we can walk in and through the sentinel. It is nice to have the capability rather than to have to always walk around it. And I’ve definitely had the sentinel be a meetup spot. Great choice of topic.

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