An Escape From Technology

Golisano College of computing and information sciences is the home of the major software majors here are RIT(ex: computer science, software engineering, information technology). My major unfortunately resides in this gloomy building. One can assume that the building is riddled with computers and new cutting edge technology. That assumption is correct, for example there are tables with built in charging stations and interactive screens everywhere you look. There isn’t much natural light or scenic areas except for this one spot.

When you feel overwhelmed by all the technology and boring grey walls, you can head to the atrium. This is the one area of the building where you feel like there is an outside world. As you can see in the picture, the wall is open allowing a significant amount of natural light to shine in on the atrium. Front and center, there is this giant plant with a beautiful cube pot. The size of this plant has a positive impact on the space because it compliments the large glass wall that lets in the natural light . After spending hours in the computer labs codding, the plant helps remind us computer students that there is still an outside world full of beautiful landscapes and features.

If this plant was placed in other areas of the building I feel it would be intrusive on our space but the large atrium is a perfect home for it and the benches allow students to come sit by it and maybe eat lunch or take a break from the windowless computer labs and classrooms.



One thought on “An Escape From Technology

  1. I really like the idea that the plants allow you to escape from technology. I understand this all too well, even as a business student! Plants and greenery are really valuable in dull buildings such as this one. Living in NY, we don’t get the chance to connect with nature very often (i.e. in the winter time we are indoors 90% of the time, at least), so I think everyone can appreciate even something as simple as a plant that is aesthetically placed. Imagine that area without the plants; it would probably be so gray and dull. There is something my doctor mentioned, she calls it the “Eeyore walk” where everyone on this campus walks in a dull fashion. It’s related to seasonal depression. Without some greenery I think it would be worse than it already is…

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