World War II Memorabilia

This was part of an exhibit held by my town’s local museum over the weekend. It’s nothing fancy, but I think that’s what adds to the charm of the exhibits there. I don’t think the jackets are supposed to go with the newspaper headlines, but their arrangement makes you look a little closer to learn why they’re set up in such a way. All of these WWII military jackets also have tags on them, explaining whom they belonged to (typically a local), what military branch they’re from, and what the significance is. This is a really simple yet effective way to pique peoples’ interest; they have to get up close and personal with the clothing to get a true sense of what the jackets are about. I also find the lining of the news headlines to be interesting, as I’m pretty sure they’re going in chronological order. This forces you, in a way, to look at the exhibit from left to right, or right to left if you’d like to go back in history. It’s not just news headlines or just jackets; they’re put together so we can better visualize the different points in WWII, to have a better sense of the human elements of the war that we often times forget about. I’m really fascinated by WWII so it was cool to see some artifacts pop up in my hometown that belonged to local people who have a connection with the war.




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