RIT School Spirit

IMG_1016There is an exhibition about the RIT School Spirit show expression of support for RIT campus through school colors, mascots, sports team, and songs. It was founded by RIT museum on the third floor of Wallace Library. It indicates the engrossing history of how school spirit was expressed from the primitive days of the Mechanics Institute to present to RIT students, faculty, staff, and alumni. It was all about the school spirit means to support RIT no matter what to take pride in their achievements.

Again, RIT is a powerful reflection of pride, accomplishment, and determination. It goes hand in hand with positivity to a sense of RIT community with students, parents, alumni, faculty, staff, and administrators working together with a common purpose. It has been saved through old photographs, archival documents, and memorabilia from the RIT Achieve Collection as well. The original idea developed as a reflective display proposed by Jennifer Roeszies and Lisa Witts, museum studies majors, and also employees of the Wallace Center. It was a process that speaks to the interactive work of curation and project for the museum studies course taught by Professor Rebecca DeRoo during the 2015-2016 academic year.

This exhibition inspires me how am I proud to be RIT Tiger because these are the sorts of activities that make RIT unique and different, that build the RIT community and as such we are seen as essential. We, RIT students, saw school spirit to exist primarily in positive relationships when we are like people in a school worked positively together. We are indeed remained with a definite sense to a family to keep the school environment safe for everyone welcome second home. In addition, pride in the RIT was generated by us as well as the context in which the students worked and played. We identified that this pride produced in us a desire to present ourselves well and to respect our environment.


One thought on “RIT School Spirit

  1. I really liked this display of school history. The different pieces in it all tell a story about past generations at RIT. I always find it interesting how old sports uniforms have become the ultimate display of school pride. I like how the uniforms were placed in the center and I think it does a good job of drawing interest to the exhibit. I think it is interesting because I don’t really see RIT as a sports focused school. While our hockey team is very good, I feel that RIT got it’s reputation from innovation and technology more so that sports like a big D-1 University. Yet there is something about a uniform with that burnt orange and brown that projects school spirit. I have not seen this exhibit before and I think it looks very cool. I would like to go see it myself to be able to read what’s inside and find out a little more about RIT’s heritage.

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