Mercer Gallery

For this week’s assignment I chose to stay somewhat local and headed over to the MCC campus to check out the Mercer Gallery. The gallery itself was rather small, it was basically a long rectangular room with white walls and some benches in the center. The room had a welcoming feel and most of the paintings on the wall had vibrant colors which popped well against the plain backdrop and bright lighting. To continue the clean aesthetic, there was no signage anywhere describing any of the pieces. They gave you nothing to work with other than the art presented for you. With the shape of the room and the benches in the center it led me on a walk around the perimeter of the room passing from piece to piece.

Besides the paintings on the wall there was one lone art piece that was toward the back of the room and centered.  I have no idea what this thing is or what it is supposed to mean but it commanded the room by sitting on a pedestal out in front of all of the wall art. Most of the paintings appeared to be some form of landscape or scenery while this piece looks to me to be some sort of abstract art. It presents you with a feeling of uncertainty as you try to figure out what this twisty thing means. Like the other pieces there was no description, title, artist name, anything. It looked like it was just plopped down in the center of the room. Definitely an interesting and attention grabbing piece with the way it was displayed and how the gallery was organized.

twisty thing



2 thoughts on “Mercer Gallery

  1. This reminds me of those metal puzzles that are twists of steel that you need to take apart to solve. It doesn’t look like it actually comes apart or is even meant to be interacted with but it definitely does draw the eye. It’s interesting that its the only sculpture in a gallery full of paintings. Maybe the ‘arrows’ are meant to point the viewer around the room and subconsciously assist a self-guided tour.

  2. I love the randomness of this. The reading talked about how materials have a sort of rhetoric that can tell you about the piece but id be lying if I said that helped me understand this piece at all. I’m not sure if its just the picture but I have no idea what material was used to make this, let alone what that could possibly stand for. I just have so many questions about this and have definitely got that feeling of uncertainty.

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