George Eastman House


I chose to go to the George Eastman House. There are many fascinating things about the house that I could have captured, but I chose to go with the main room on the first level of the house, taken from atop the grand staircase in the house. This room consisted of large, tall windows with green drapes, many plants, both tall and small scattered around the room and a cozy seating area in the center of the room that faced the entrance. The floor was made up of beautiful wood work with some color incorporated in it that matched the rug that was placed with the seating area. What was probably most attention grabbing and interesting about the room was the very large, very real elephant head hanging from the wall opposite the entrance door.

To me, the view of the room gave an inviting feeling; with the tall windows allowing lots of natural light in and a clear view of the elephant head on the wall intrigues people, creating curiosity. The elephant on the wall is a unique touch too, showing off George Eastman’s hunting skills as well as giving off a sort of elegance about the room. This large room had a lot of space so people could walk around freely if they didn’t want to sit in the seating area in the center of the room. The colors that made up the room also gave soothing feeling, they didn’t stand out from other objects.


3 thoughts on “George Eastman House

  1. I’ve visited the Eastman house dozens of times since my freshman year, and the feeling of exploring its main room never gets old. It’s great to see the layout of the house and consider how George Eastman might have lounged around in that room, or all of the parties that might have been thrown accompanied by the house organ. A great and relaxing museum (with a nice gift shop).

  2. I love going to the Eastman museum, especially comparing it to the outer galleries. After seeing many rooms of museum like separation, when I walk into this room, it completely transports me into the past.

  3. I loved this photo of the main floor room. As was stated in another comment, I think the way this room is set up is like walking into history. I think they chose a great way to layout the furniture and they picked good wall design if it was not the original design schemes. The elephant is interesting because I feel it implies Eastman was some sort of exotic game hunter, or he approved of that hunting style by buying the elephant. The room also looks like a room that would have been used for social events. I can definitely envision a room full of people socializing in this part of the house. I think they did a good job setting up this part of the historic house.

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