When it comes to museums and exhibits I’m not really one to care about either. I just see it as a bunch of people standing around pretending to understand something only because it is written in the the description attached to a piece. This isn’t to say that I don’t enjoy looking a works of art because I do, I just don’t really find anything more than what they are, I take things a face value. It’s because of this that I didn’t want to go to a local museum and waste my time trying to be moved by something that just isn’t there for me. So I went to RIT’s university gallery in the Vignelli center and took a picture of this plate. The name of the piece is Solar flare which is fitting as the pattern on the glass depicts what one would look like in space. I deiced to take a photo of this because unlike most everything else in the exhibit is was all by itself. I thought to myself that if it’s all by itself it must be important there must be a reason. That reason to me is it probably just didn’t fit with anything else. Its a really good piece, I think it looks really cool and that’s all I got from it but for me I think that’s okay. I didn’t go into the gallery looking for anything more.  I guess if anything the fact that it was all alone is what cause me to notice it and use it for this post so perhaps the curator is on to something there. With it being all alone I couldn’t help at look at it up closer because I wanted to see what gave it the honor of being its own exhibit.  Maker:L,Date:2017-8-23,Ver:5,Lens:Kan03,Act:Kan02,E:Y


2 thoughts on “Alone

  1. Tom, I’m glad you mentioned your assumptions about museums. I hope you didn’t think I meant you HAD to go to an art museum. Any kind of museum or display would have been acceptable — this could include a sports hall of fame, the Strong Museum of Play a Science museum, etc.

  2. Tom, cool to read your take on how you experience participating in an exhibit space. Too bad that this glass piece is displayed with only what is available light. Any extra lighting I think would add a nice touch to enhance the life of it. Maybe lighting from underneath gelled in a specific color? I would disagree about people stand around pretending to understand a piece. I think a target audience, personal experiences and how artist communicates their work, impacts the viewer and the overall turnout of a art exhibit space.

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