A window that doesn’t work

When reading the prompt for this weeks post about design and rhetoric as well as the reading for the week, I knew instantly I would post about the only small window I have in my bedroom. In the reading there was a story about a man who was stuck between two sets of doors because they were not clearly labeled and therefore did not perform their job correctly. My window is something similar. The design seems to go for simple and somewhat nice to look at, whether it be from the inside or outside of my apartment. However, the main purpose of the window, keeping the cold air our during the winter, is exactly where it does not do its job(notice a small crack in the right of the first photo. That will never close). I have tried every single way possible over the last three years to close the window but there is no position where it is fully and completely closed. The design is visually solid however the design and functionality of the window is lacking tremendously



2 thoughts on “A window that doesn’t work

  1. That would really irritate me. You would think it’s a normal, functioning window, but it possesses one major flaw. And the worst part is that you feel like it’s on YOU to try and fix it, as if it’s somehow your fault, when really it’s the designer’s fault. I think that’s something we face every single day with a variety of objects, from phones to washing machines to treadmills. These items can sometimes be frustrating/confusing to use, when they really perform the simplest of tasks, and we feel like because we are not 100% sure what’s wrong that we’re somehow incompetent. I would definitely reach out to housing about this issue, and I totally feel for you because that would give me a lot of stress!

  2. When I initially looked at the image as well as the title, I thought that the window “doesn’t work” because of the way the roofing was blocking your view, thus making the window useless if you can’t gain a clear view. After reading your post, I can clearly see how your window doesn’t actually work. I would be frustrated beyond reason when something should close but won’t and yet it can’t be figured out. I don’t know how you’ve been able to put up with that. But there’s always a silver lining, you’ve been able to utilize your suffering and relate it to a topic for a class!

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