A blast from the past

When I look at this picture, I just see a record player. It think it’s very cool and initially had some questions about how it works but it didn’t have an emotional impact on me. Now if I showed this to my mother she might start to tear up or be in shock. This leads to why I believe it is designed well. Although this record player was probably produced within the past few years, it presents itself like and old fashioned record player from the mid 1900s.

It has a high level of visibility. When someone enters the room, this record player sticks out and is begging for attention because this person is either like me and is intrigued by or  they are like my mother and it brings up a feeling of nostalgia.

This product has enargeiac characteristics. It provides an authentic account because it truly looks like and old fashioned record player at first glance.  I believe someone from an older generation will be first distracted by the turntable aspect to notice that upon a closer inspection, it has a cd player and Bluetooth capabilities.. It will likely give pleasure to the viewer, especially if they are from an older generation.



2 thoughts on “A blast from the past

  1. I agree with your conclusions that this record player/radio has strong enargaeic characteristics. It definitely shows human craftsmanship and has that authentic feel. It brings to mind in my head the days when radio was the peak of home entertainment. Things like this used to be the main fixture of a family room and everyone would sit around it to listen to their favorite show or program. The fact it brings so much to mind and conveys to me invisible significance is why I feel as well that it is strongly enargaeic

  2. As people get to know me, they will notice that I have a bit of an old soul. I love things from the 20s, 30s, & 40s. Even through I have no attachment for when the products were at its peaks but there is just something about them that just makes me want to have them. There is something to be said about the old wood craftsmanship that we don’t see in today’s world and thats a shame. Seeing old furniture and cars is strongly enargaeic for some people and I’m one of them.

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