Quilted History


For a few semesters now, I have done the following routine. Wake Up. Drive to campus from Greece. Walk into the campus center. Sit down at the closest table. I do this every morning I come to campus. It is a nice, quiet area where I can do my homework or watch some Netflix. When tasked with this assignment, I figured I’d just sit where I normally do and see if there is anything interesting that could be photographed.

I look to my right and I notice this quilt hanging above the staircase. I’ve always noticed this quilt, but never really took the time to actually “look” at it. As I did, I read the plaque below the quilt and it talks about how it is a T-shirt quilt from different shirts in celebration of the opening of the campus center. From your classic RIT t-shirts to event shirts like Freezefest and ImagineRIT, this shirt is a commemorative way to not only celebrate the opening of the campus center, but to also celebrate the history and legacy that RIT leaves each year.

I can better understand now why this quilt was hung over a wall and can now see how special it is. I think it’d be cool to see more pieces like this around campus, mainly in each different college, like GCCIS or CIAS. To see the unique ways each college is represented would be a site to see.


3 thoughts on “Quilted History

  1. I do not make it over to the campus center very often and after seeing this photograph, I am more curious to see what other pieces of RIT art we have littered around the campus walls. I love the idea of stringing these shirts into a quilted wall hanging! I relate to this photograph because I have a good deal of these shirts lying around in my drawers and would have never though to use them in such a creative way that helps preserve the history a little bit better than a worn out t-shirt.

    This quilt provides a sample of the different things that go on around campus. The variety of events and organizations show how the university does what it can to support us as students. In my opinion, quilting together different shirts symbolizes how we as the students involved in the event planning or an organization are able to work together with the university to provide a unique college experience.

  2. This is a pretty cool quilt. Its a good way to reuse t-shirts after their lifespan too. I’ve considered doing this with some shirts I own that are past their time, either stretched or ill-fitting. I have a lot of shirts who’s designs I enjoy or have some significant meaning to me that I no longer wear for whatever reason. This would be a good way to memorialize them in a way and continue to show off their contents.

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