Dogs: A human’s best friend

When you first see this picture of this dog, you might say it’s just a dog, or maybe that he’s cute.  But, for his owner, this dog is his best friend.  This dog’s name is Tucker, and Tucker gives comfort.  Tucker shows compassion and love for his owner.  Tucker is fun and wild, but calm and loving.  To some, a dog can mean nothing, but for others, a dog can change their life.Jordan Guerrieri


3 thoughts on “Dogs: A human’s best friend

  1. As someone who is not the biggest animal person, I can take or leave a dog as my best friend. I have never been in the position where a dog has been my best friend but I have a few family members that love animals and I have seen the effect that animals have had on them and I can appreciate the love they have for animals.

  2. I love how he looks like a protector in this picture. I think it says a lot about his role, not only as support, but care as well.

  3. This really made me think of my dogs and the qualities that they, like many people, embody. One moment you’ll see my dogs running around my house the next they’ll be lying in bed with you when your sick totally willing to spend the day doing nothing but being by your side.
    I think many times its very easy to forget other people have similar meaningful experiences like that and to see this post was a very nice reminder of that.

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