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My attraction to this spread of images and text was immediate – the sense of warmth + sunlight, comfort, and elegance seem so obvious to me at just a first glance. These feelings are the factors that pull me in, and urge me to look longer into the details in the images – “where is this home and how do I live in a space like this?” are my first thoughts. Then, I notice the headings and text on the main spread, and read the title and subheading in their classy, serif font. Imagery like this, with this mood, and of beautiful interior architectural spaces, is something I tend to look at often as a photography major, but this feature in this magazine especially caught my eye, as the style is just very appealing to me.

These images and spreads are from the cover story in the February 2018 issue of Architectural Digest magazine; it is a story on Ricky Martin (lol) and his family’s home. The images were taken by photographer Trevor Tondro, and the spaces styled by Michael Reynolds (info provided right on the spread). The accompanying captions and story tell me that the intention of the feature is to show people interested in interior/home design and architecture what Martin’s home looks like, how they obtained this style, how the family got made their dream home come to life and how the environment impacts them. Its presence in this magazine gives it authority and respect as being legitimate images and design, and the classiness of the layout and well-taken photographs all add to the beautiful mood that the magazine spreads give off.

This kind of stuff is visual eye candy for me, and the detail with which it is all portrayed in this case seems to make it very successful visual communication.


2 thoughts on “Architectural Digest magazine

  1. I have to agree with you on your first impressions of the image, however, the image doesn’t tell the real cost of an elegant and comforting home. When I first saw this image, I had the same question as you “…how do I live in a space like this?”. That’s when began to wonder about the cost of building the home and the cost of the furniture. I thought “Woah, this house must cost a ton!” based on my own experiences of watching shows and reading magazines about house design/architecture. The image definitely gives me a sense that I should strive to live like this or that I can live in a house like the one in the image. The image shows me how I could be living. However, the image doesn’t tell me how to get there or the cost of it. When I start thinking about the cost, I start to feel as though getting a house like the one from the image is out of my league. If the image were to show the cost of the house, would it deter the viewers from having the goal of living in a house like this?

  2. The beautiful photos and fantastic type/design are definitely succeeding in seducing Architectural Digest viewers to stop and study the pages. I think that sense of warmth and comfort that you mentioned really ties together well with “Bliss” in the title. The article makes me feel comfortable just looking at it. It seems to me like they really knew what they (the artists/magazine) were doing when they put together this spread. Really nicely photographed and styled. Awesome choice.

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