Zagreb, Croatia

I came across this image for RIT Croatia in the Saunders College of Business. It immediately caught my eye as I studied abroad in Zagreb last spring. My first reaction was to continue looking at the image because I had remembered standing in that exact location, observing the same homes and cathedral from that very angle. I began looking for things I recognized when I stood in that spot and remembering the sights and sounds I was experiencing at that moment in time. This compelled me to observe the advertising copy on the image.

The image gave me feelings of nostalgia; I remember hearing the cathedral bells ringing and seeing a black cat one of those red roofs. However, the image was created by RIT for potential study/co-op abroad students, most likely within the past two or three years. The title is clearly promoting the campus and study abroad programs. The image’s intended audience and purpose is completely different from the thoughts and feelings it evoked in me, but regardless, it is beautiful and powerful.


Ad in Saunders for RIT Zagreb campus


One thought on “Zagreb, Croatia

  1. Hearing you talk about your experience abroad and how this photo brought you back to this period of time was interesting to me but unfortunately made me feel a little sad. I have always been a student athlete during my time in college(This is now my 5th year). With sports happening year round, I never got a change to even contemplate studying abroad. My four years of playing collegiality are now up and I have the time to study abroad but unfortunately, I am to late in my software development studies to go abroad. The higher level classes aren’t offered in RIT approved locations to study abroad for my program. Seeing your post has furthered my motivation to work hard out of college and hopefully land in a strong position where I have the freedom to take an extended period of time off from work and go abroad.

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