Wall Art


This image is of artwork hung up in my room. There are photographs, posters, and paintings scattered throughout the walls. I chose these specific works of art because of the placement of the artwork. My initial reaction to these pieces is always to be calm. Initially, I see a music poster, abstract art, and a remake of a Degas painting. They are placed in the corner of the room, above my roommate’s bed, and underneath string lights. They make the room feel safe and free of chaos. Displaying artwork like this makes me want to take a closer look and observe the fine detail of each one, especially the abstract art because from a far, I do not know what the painting is of. There are many hidden details as well when seen from far away.

While the images are owned by my roommate, I am able to learn a little more about who she is as a person. While we’ve been friends for a while, living with her for the first year I can tell she looks for inspiration and loves art. Each image was created differently. The poster was massed produced while the two paintings were done by hand. Both paintings were done in oil and one was made abroad. The paintings were created and obtained within the past year we’ve roomed together. It had to have taken time and patience to create each painting.  In context, I can relate because one thing my friend and I bond over is art and travel. Knowing the artwork around our room contains several mediums, and places they’ve been made make us both appreciate them and the inspiration that can come from it.


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