There is extraordinary showcase of the Deaf View/Image Art (De’VIA) artworks at the NTID Dyer Arts Center by the Deaf artists that show Deaf Cultural expression in a variety of mediums. The artworks in this exhibit represent a unique exploration of creativity, originality, and expression through art experience based on seeing, feeling and knowing. It has three categories such as resistance, affirmation and liberation art that portray to use primary color with art elements with the purpose of expressing innate cultural or physical Deaf experience. It involves Deaf metaphors, Deaf perspectives, spiritual and everyday life. Thus, this is what Deaf View Image Art about their interpretation to capture today’s society that needed consideration because it is too long overdue and unseen.

This canvas caught my eyes that recount many deaf, and hard-of-hearing children and adults encounter with language deprivation and communication access through a variety of their journey. The artwork portrays the challenge that deaf and hard-of-hearing people face being prohibited from signing, forced to practice on lip-reading, and being denied jobs. It uses mansfield that describes language to paint pictures of anguish, cruelty, and ugliness. It represents barriers to use dark colors, harlequin patterns, and carousel theme. In addition, I see their pain and even understand their pain based on their oppression and discrimination experience. In other words, Deaf painting portrays on how much suffering and submissive Deaf people were that part to educate at all.



2 thoughts on “Painting

  1. I spent my first year of RIT in Mark Ellingson Hall, and I could sympathize what they were going through. Even though the building itself provides a vibration for alarm, and at least one of two room advisers could do sign language, they still go through lots of hardships, and I didn’t know sign language, so whenever I had to talk with anyone of them, we both had to write in papers to talk to each other. I was fascinated by how they could talk with only movements with hands but it makes me sad that this painting shows what seem to be trash cans, full of hands.

  2. I really like the layers of meaning. If your average hearing person say this, they would see a Picasso-like painting. But all the tiny details of the hands beautifully suck you deeper into the image.

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