Life of an Entrepreneur


This is the Life of an Entrepreneur display outside the Simone Center. I would often walk through the office over the summer during which I spent my days working in the Imagine Center. I think the simple design and the color scheme are what initially attracted me to it. The bright orange contrasts nicely with the dark blue and it is a color scheme I have used in designs before. This piece always made me feel motivated when I would be on my way back from a work break, reminiscent of that classic can do American spirit. The subject matter also appeals to me since I have always had dreams of diversifying my revenue through multiple personal projects and ventures.

This display is located near the entrance to the Simone Center and is the first thing you see through the door. It immediately gives you a sense of what the entire office is all about and doubles as your first taste of the advice they have for you. Each piece of the display is a step in the process of developing a product. The minimalist approach to the design makes it straightforward to understand, I think anyone could get the message of what you’re going to get from the Simone Center. To me this is a well done informative way to welcome any aspiring visitor to their office.


4 thoughts on “Life of an Entrepreneur

  1. I like how this image can motivate you, or even any people walking by. If it does provide some kind of motivation, I am sure this image is well done. For my initial impression, I thought the image too much simplified the steps as if the doing works of entrepreneur is like doing an assignment for any class, and I hated that bit as I experienced how hard this was through my co-op experience.

    But that is my personal feeling, and I do like that this kind of motivation is really helpful, especially in a building where lots of new people with dreams come into Simone Center.

  2. I like how the 5 “steps” are not explicitly numbered. It seems to me that it’s saying the steps can be done in any order or at anytime. They are all just pieces of entrepreneurship and there is no set of rules or order to the process.

    I also like that “Prototype” is front and center. I’m not necessarily an entrepreneur but I like to start actualizing my ideas as quickly as possible. You can then start to share the idea with others.

  3. I really like the minimalist approach to the art used in this display. I think that it is interesting how such simple graphics can convey such complicated ideas sometimes and invoke certain emotions in people. I’ve noticed that I’ve seen more and more art and pictures being used today that use this minimalist approach and I think it is a great way to express certain ideas with people.

  4. I think these series of images work very well individually and also holistically. The art style is appealing with a very pleasant color palate. What really draws me to this image, however, is the message it is sending when displayed as a unit. My major (Industrial Design) relates very closely to the process depicted here, yet I’ve never seen it displayed in such a way. Its the type of thing I would gladly display in my home and look to it whenever I get the chance as a gentle reminder of the basics of how to get done what I want to get done.

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