jamaica 2

Here is a picture of a magnet on my fridge that represents Jamaica. The magnet includes Jamaica’s national colors, and one of their popular catch phrases, “no problem”. My initial impression from seeing this magnet was that it’s different. It’s different from many of the generic magnets tourists pick up (those that have pictures of well known spots within the state or country) because this particular magnet is of the word “Jamaica” decorated with small figures and the colors red, yellow and green, which are the official colors of the country. I felt happiness when I saw the magnet because it reminded me of the mission trip I took to Jamaica my junior year of high school. It was a life-changing experience; I was in the more rural area helping children in need and getting to know the residents of the small country.

This magnet was bought in a shack in Ocho Rios, Jamaica made by local artists. There was no sticker on the back of it with any additional information though. The intended audience was probably tourists who stop by the shack to browse and are on the lookout for souvenirs. The artwork of dancing figures with instruments incorporated into the magnet and the word “Jamaica” is self explanatory as well as having the country’s colors. The little dancing figures playing instruments such as the drums represented a style of Jamaican music (they are known for jazz). I think how the artist chose to put the word, the colors and the figures was creative, fitting a few great characteristics of the country into one physical object.


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