Art Meets Science

At first glance someone would see three colorful Pokemon standing next to each other. Something is slightly off about them though, the figures seem to lack definition. Looking closer it can be seen that these statues are not normal and are made off a bunch of small shapes with straight lines and have a rough finish to them. This oddity compels a closer look of the three colorful creatures be and it is seen that they are 3D printed. The image shows that whoever created the figures understands a the relationship between art and science. They are able to take once fictional characters and bring them into the physical world by the means of 3D printing.  As far as a time period goes for when these were created it is safe to say that it is relatively recent due to the fact the 3D printers are still a new technology. When it comes to why these figures were created it was probably to push the limits of current 3D printers and see how good the technology is at creating things that were once thought to be impossible in such a way.


One thought on “Art Meets Science

  1. My reaction to this photograph was a feeling of nostalgia. The three colorful models resembling the popular pokemon characters: Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander, reminded me of my elementary school days when my friends and I would connect our gameboys togehter with a tangled mess of wires and trade pokemon we had “caught”. I remember the excitement of getting that new pokemon game and having to choose one of these three characters to accompany me on my quest to “catch’em all”.

    As an engineering student, I was eassily able to recognize that these three figures were in fact 3D printed. I would think that these figures were created as either a small project, or to showcase the capability of 3D printing. If these were to be created using another process such as machining or molding, it would take more time or cost more money. So, in my opinion whoever created these figures, maybe feeling a little nostalgic themselves, designed them to be 3D printed because it was the most logical process to make their model.

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