My Brother and Me: The Twins That Aren’t Twins

When I thought about a relationship that is most important to me, especially one I’m really thankful for (being that this week was Thanksgiving) I think about my brother, Jonathan; I call him J. We pride our relationship and ourselves on the fact that we’re pretty much twins. Not only do we look basically identical but we have the same personality, sense of humor, we finish each other’s sentences regularly, we have the same thought process–you get the idea.

If there was one way I could represent our relationship visually in a photograph, it would be this one:


This is the epitome of our relationship. We’re siblings, best friends, each other’s better half, and when we’re together we are constantly laughing. I help him up when he’s down and he does the same for me, and we ALWAYS have each other’s back, no matter what. If you look at my J’s arm (his left, your right) you’ll see that there’s a tattoo of a quote on his forearm. It says, “It’s me and you against the world.” He got that for me, and I have the same quote on my ribs. J and I have been through a lot of difficult times in our lives and through everything it was always me and him. No matter what happens, we always have each other.

The picture was taken in our old apartment in Florida. We’ve since moved to a new apartment about 20 minutes away from this one. You can tell by the boxes around us that we were just unpacking. We grew up in NJ and when my brother got accepted to University of Miami, my mom decided (being a single parent with a job she could do anywhere and having nothing holding her back to suffer through the cold Jersey winters) that she wanted to move down to Florida, too. So the summer before J started his freshman year at UM, we rented a truck and drove it down ourselves, and here we are.

We also have our two pups in the picture. They’re not exactly the center of attention in this photo, but don’t let that fool you. They are my mom’s 4-legged children and basically replace us when J and I are away at school, which is most of the year. Beanie (the beagle) is on the left, and Bailey (the puggle) is on the right. They are just as much a part of our lives as anyone else in our family, just as important, and definitely just as missed by J and me when we’re not home.

I talked to J about which picture I should use for this assignment and we both immediately thought about this one. It’s actually the background on my phone so that helped us reach a conclusion a lot faster. Of the thousands of pictures we have together, this one, overall, really exemplifies everything about us, every little detail in it.

PS: If you can’t tell how much we actually look alike by this photo, here’s another for reference. My brother and me: the twins that aren’t twins.



One thought on “My Brother and Me: The Twins That Aren’t Twins

  1. I thought that your entry was so heart warming. We can tell by the way you talk about your brother how close you are. I think that it’s so interesting how a picture of a moment can capture the essence of a relationship so well.

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