Family // A Study of Visual Ethnography


Over Thanksgiving break, I spent my time with my immediate family. I brought up this idea of how to represent a relationship within a single image, and we knew it had to be a funny family picture. The photo above was one in a quick series of photographs. We must have taken at least 15. Though we began by smiling at the camera in a composed manner, it didn’t take long for us to begin goofing off. The image we selected really feels like a perfect photo of our family. Between my sister and mother’s laughter, and my father’s quirky look on his face, this photo captures everyone beautifully.

The location wasn’t important for this image. What we felt was most important was that it showcased us all, together. This process truly underscored my love for my family. Having my family participate before taking the image also influenced the final outcome, yes. It made sure the photo was a bit looser and goofy than a traditionally posed picture.



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