For this week’s post I decided to focus on my best friend from home. We have been friends since we were 4 and have been inseparable ever since. When I first talked to her about this post, she made a joke about how when were were younger everyone got us confused because we look so similar. This even happens occasionally now it just depends on if I’m wearing my glasses or not. While at first she recommended a picture in her bedroom because that’s where we used to watch tv and hangout when we were younger she decided that the living room made more sense.

She rationalized this because now that we are older we watch things in the living room while before we used to want to avoid her parents and adults all together. I thought this was interesting because at first I too thought about her bedroom but would have never thought about the living room even though it makes more sense with how our friendship is now. Another aspect of the photo that I asked her about was what should be in it? She thought that having both of us in it represented our relationship better and that we should be doing something funny or creative. At first we were just messing around but finally we decided on the FaceSwap photo because overall we believed that it most accurately represented our friendship.

This is because not only do we look alike but her inner strengths and weaknesses compliment mine. When thinking about it we hardly ever fight and have similar opinions on a lot of topics. It was also shocking to us how although it looks a little off my face on her body and vice versa actually could look like real people. I’m not sure if it’s because we never did one so accurately before but I personally have never seen a better FaceSwap. While there were small differences in what we believed the photo should consist of, overall I find that the photo makes sense and is a great representation as to how far our friendship has come.


One thought on “FaceSwap

  1. This is so cool! First off I applaud you for doing a flawless faceswap mine always turn out horrible! I cant even tell in your picture its seamlessly done! Its great you guys are like the same person and even look alike. I like how you kept a concept (friendship) but changed it to fit this assignment (bedroom to the living room). It shows as we grow up things might change a little but our roots or what we know always stays with us, and that’s great you get to share that with someone you are very close with!

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