Visual Ethnography

The most important relationship in my life is the relationship I share with my sister, Carissa. Carissa and I are twins, so being that we are the same age, we face everything together. Growing up with a twin sister has been great, because when I am too afraid to do something, she is right by my side to give me the courage to follow through.comm341

In this photograph, we are pictured in her car. This location defines our relationship, especially as we have gotten older, because we would not see each other as much due to work. However, at the end of some nights we would get in her car and drive around for hours, just talking about our day. Now that I have moved to Rochester, we see each other even less – but going home for breaks we have continued this routine of driving for hours telling each other every little thing about our day.

My sister agreed that this photograph is how she would represent our relationship. Most of the time that we spend together now is usually located in her car so this is the perfect photograph.

Through this process I have learned that I truly value the relationship I have with my sister. I have never been able to open up to another person like I have opened up to her, and I am grateful to have her in my life.


2 thoughts on “Visual Ethnography

  1. Janel,

    I love that you picked your sister for this discussion post because what is better than choosing your sister? In the household in which I was raised, I lived with my four sisters including my sisters and I always looked completely different.

    I thought that it was a great picture to define your relationship with your sister because it shows that as we are getting older and becoming busier but you guys still manage to spend time together regardless of your busy schedule. I definitely agree that we value our relationship with our loved ones even more now throughout this process. Your photo made me think about how much time I have spent with my sisters now because three of them live in different states and it is crazy how time flies.

    Communication is key to building a better relationship and I can definitely say that this course of Visual Communications changed my perspective with the social influences in regards to my attitudes and opinions.

    Thanks for sharing and have a great Thanksgiving break!

    -Nicole Gleicher

  2. I really like how you describe your relationship with your sister. I can tell that you two really care for each other! The picture of you really shows how your relationship has formed over the years, and from the way your described your adventures around her car, I can tell that the two of you are really close! I am really close with my sisters, so I can relate to your relationship! Great post!

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