Visual Ethnography

This picture represents the relationship between my fiance and I. My fiance’s name is Milan. She said that any picture representing our relationship has to have both of us in it, since we are so close to each other and always together. We are both smiling because being around each other makes us both really happy. And, the background is her car. This is because we are always driving places out on adventures. We often take trips to Canada or even as close as visiting each other on our lunch breaks.

This experience showed me what my fiance really thinks of me..thankfully good things, ha! We work very well together and were able to come up with a picture together with no problem. I love that she thought of the car background because although we are always taking adventures, I would have taken a picture inside our apartment because living together has been a big step in our lives this year.

Having participation from another person to make my picture what is it is a cool thing. It makes the photo more meaningful and have some more background. It was a good experience to see. Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 11.49.57 AM.png


One thought on “Visual Ethnography

  1. Christina,

    This is such a great picture of you two! Photos are simply powerful even though it may not tell us the whole story, but I can simply see that your fiancé makes you happier and whole just from one glance at this picture. That is what matters.

    I love the fact that you are always traveling with her to Canada or visiting each other. It reminds me of my boyfriend and I’s spontaneous trip to Canada once before and even though he graduated already but I would always make an effort to see him every day. In order to have long successful relationships, it is important that we all maintain healthy relationships with our loved ones.

    What a great post! And have a great Thanksgiving break!

    -Nicole Gleicher

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