Visual Ethnography- My Mom


The photo that represents my mom and my relationship would not simply be a picture of my mom, but rather selfies of us having fun or the interaction that goes along with it. Our relationship would be shown in a collage or slide show of pictures, however, if one picture photo in particular was needed, it would be of my family together.

The picture would be located somewhere we had fun, maybe an event that took place or just time together at the lake. My family and family friends would be in the photo, in particular my mom, dad, sister, and I.

Talking with my mom about the photo just made it more clear that our relationship is built around our family and the fun times that we have. All the photos and times we cherish most are when we are all together and doing something that is making us smile.

We chose to take a picture of us taking a hike through the park near our neighborhood with our dog. It was a happy time to be home with my parents again.

This relates to the “why not dad” video because every family is different. Both my parents have worked my whole life and I still have the amazing parent-child connection that those children get with their fathers at home, or even when mothers stay home as well.


6 thoughts on “Visual Ethnography- My Mom

  1. Great post! I definitely agree that Family, and close family friends are the heart here. For myself personally, our family photos are far and few between as my family just never remembers the camera. But if I think about cherished memories or times in my life that I use to build who I am as a person or describe it to someone, almost all of that would include my Dad, mom, sister and brother, Grandma, Grandpa, cousins, aunts and uncles.

    I like the “selfies” reference and they fact that you included that “[you and your mom] chose to take a picture of us taking a hike through the park near our neighborhood with our dog. It was a happy time to be home with my parents again.” Because it is defiantly a conscious choice to take a photo, and most people do not like to remember sad times and therefore a lot less photos are taken of sad things.

  2. This is a great photo! You can tell that all of you are genuinely happy and enjoying your time together. I find it interesting how much you and your mom look alike in this picture. This photo definitely gives me a good grasp on who your family is and what you are about: enjoying each other’s company, enjoying nature, and wholeheartedly and genuinely enjoying life. I love that you and your mom take selfies together — my mom and I do as well!!

  3. I think this is great! I honestly think if I were to take a picture, it would be very similar to yours and your reasoning. We love going out on trips together or out on the boat for family boat days and often take a family selfie using a GoPro. For me it was a little different where my mom was working as an engineer at a big company and my dad was home working on his start-up. About 12 years ago, my mom quit her job so she could spend more time with her three kids and because my dad’s business was really taking off. She now works and helps my dad with his business, but the best part is that they could pretty much take off whenever they wanted to spend time with the family. As a family we are really close and we really enjoy each others company when we’re together.

  4. I like your post when you talked about how every family is different. Both my parents worked while I growing up, and I agree with the idea that a parent doesn’t need to be at home in order for a great relationship to develop. I also like in your post where you mention that the times you cherish the most is when you are all together. This very much also correlates with the relationship in my family. When everyone is home together, is always when we have the best times.

  5. I like you am very close to my family and am visiting them over the holiday! My parents love to go on walks and always are encouraging me and my sisters to go with them and the dogs! In your picture, I can see how much you care for each other, and I can definitely see how close you are; your photo really communicates that! I really like your post!

  6. Selfies really are a great way of getting candid perspectives on people’s lives. They are snapshots of people just living their lives, doing the things that they do every day. The selfie of both you and your mom was a really good idea on how to capture the image of your relationship.

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