Turmoil Moment

After exploring and doing some brainstorming, I have come to the term that what clicks in my mind from the video which is “Why not Dad” as it comes down to my relationship with my brother. All families have their own symbol of relationship, love for each other, respect for each other, and passion for blood as blood would never turn against blood. Why I mentioned blood is because I had a turmoil childhood growing up with my dad and my brother. I was close with my brother as we did everything together,  grew up together, went to school together, did our first drugs together, got arrested by the law on the same night together, and we still haven’t seen in person since 2007. It was the last time I had the opportunity to be with my brother before he was sentenced to prison and the state of Iowa has overturned the case to the federal which meant in his case, I was forced to have no communication and no contact with my brother once he entered prison due to our history with the law.

In this photo that you all see is that my brother spends time at my parents home after he was released from prison and I still cannot be with him physically until January 24, 2017 but we can have contact with each other through texting, emails, and face time. My brother AJ was released from prison earlier on March 7th as he is in a halfway home. The minute he got a new phone, I was the first person that he texted and we never have lost contact with each other since then. Some families have dysfunctional relationship, love and hate relationship, or blood conquer anything relationship and for our case, our relationship was built on best friend who never left each other’s side no matter how hard things become. It was difficult to live my life knowing he was in prison and I was left with no choice but not to have contact with him until he was released. Our friendship suffered while he was in prison but nothing can change the love for each other as we are back together as a family.

Some families do not know how good they have it or how easy they got it until the storm nails them and you can only rely on memories or pictures of each other. This picture is my father with his two best friends and my brother.  My mom took the picture for all of us to cherish the moment and send it to us all. When I opened up the mail, what I didn’t expect to hit me was that earlier that morning, my dad’s best friend passed away and here I am looking at the picture that was taken four days ago.   You never know how much longer you have with the person next to you so cherish all the moment because the end is near one way or other. I know this is a sad post however I am grateful that I still have my family especially my brother back in my life.



One thought on “Turmoil Moment

  1. Thank you for sharing such a personal aspect to your life. This was a great post! I definitely think that time is something many people take for granted. like you said, people don’t know how great they have it, until it is gone. It is a said truth, but our culture raises people to always be seeking “the next big thing” or the next cool toy… but really it should be teaching people to count their blessings and be thankful for the things that they do have. (especially non-materialistic things).

    I am moved by the “blood conquers all” because my dad was raised in a broken home by a single mom, and had 3 different “dad’s” come and go in his life, but none of them were blood to him, and none of them lasted… the only things that help constant for him was his mom and his sister (my grandma, and my aunt). He has raised all of us kids, that no matter what happens, you need to give up absolutely anything and everything for family. My dad has never been able to use his college degree because he has been working hard to support the family since 25 years ago when my sister was born… he is a true “family oriented man”. Which has always moved me, as to give up oneself for the success of others is unbelievable.

    Photos are important to remember the good times, and it is magnified here in your case as one of the men in the photo died soon after this picture… but now you all can remember him just as he was right before the end. that is a powerful tool that photos allow.

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