The Mundane

There is nothing provocative about this image. It is not novel, new, consequential or interesting. It is in fact, quite mundane to the eye and to the mind. To see an image like this on the news would be a surprising sight indeed as there is very little here that would have an impact worthy of remembrance. An image like this forces us to ask the pertinent question, what do we value? This question leads directly into what we end up seeing on the news, as our media is a reflection of what we presume keep as values. An image, a story or a statement that appears on the news has fulfilled the criterion of being relevant and consequential to our lives. What place does the mundane have in such a forum? None; and as such we will never find an image like this to be worthy of observance. Not until our values change.


One thought on “The Mundane

  1. I found your post really interesting and something I had never thought of before. You are entirely right though, because what we find interesting and then “newsworthy” would be what we value. The only time I would say that what we value doesn’t come into play for the news would be things that are new and could then become a value or interest of ours but before that, it’s only curiosity that plays an affect. I think for those types of things as well as murder and other disasters its not values at that point but curiosity that fuels the media.

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