RIT Intramurals Reveals Championship T-shirts


Fall 2016 RIT Intramural Champions T-shirt

Being a manager for RIT’s Intramural program, I have the privilege of getting to decide what color the champion t-shirts are and of course I’m able to get a sneak preview of what they look like prior to the champions when they win them.  With RIT Intramurals being one of the largest organizations on campus with over 1,500 participants, everyone gets rather excited as the season winds down.  I must get hundreds of questions throughout the semester about these t-shirts because they are something each participant is interested in acquiring at the end of the season.

I think this image is something important to many RIT students every semester, but is not newsworthy.  Compared to the images in the Atlantic article, “The War Photo No One Would Publish,” this images is not graphic or difficult to look at.  There’s really not much to this picture other than the fact that it reveals the color of this semester’s t-shirts.

I believe the decisions for an image to be published or not comes down to the relevance to the news story as well as the reactions the image may receive.  Newspapers and the like want images to capture the attention of the audience.  Something too graphic will turn people away and an image with nothing to it will bore the audience.  There must be a happy medium and although this image presents quality information that people are interested in, there is nothing else to the image.


2 thoughts on “RIT Intramurals Reveals Championship T-shirts

  1. I love this idea. I agree that the image definitely has to be relevant to the audience. That is how all images have to be, otherwise people will not be interested. I like that you explained how important it is to some people, but at the same time, would show very little importance to others. This reminds me of segmentation- used in advertising. Advertisers will only put their ads places that it is relevant. Same deal.

  2. I can understand what you mean by the happy medium on the clothes. Also keep in mind that the target is the audience however it is a heavy burden for one person to make the best decision on what will sell and what wont sell for as far as t shirt goes. Often that t shirts that are simple and has the color of a standard college logo on it will attract anybody to purchase them or acquire them for future reference. It is interesting that some design are blah that actually does sell more than the designs that are “fancy”. yes you are correct on the importance to others which is called segmentation because that is what sells but not worth the time to publish because in reality, it can sell on its own. A hockey jersey would be a different story because everybody will be all over it no matter what the price is. Branding can play a factor too as well as material itself and the style so by looking at this t shirt, it is the ideal t shirt to wind down with at the end of the year. online website can sell anything on its own but publishing needs to have a story that impacts along with something.

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