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When it comes to publishing a photo, many things are taken into account on whether or not a picture should/ is worthy of being published. Some pictures are easily determined that they are publishable, and others go through a process. For example the photos in the article “The War Photo No One Would Publish”, all of these are of varying degrees of graphic imagery; when dealing with this kind of image you first have to take into account if they can be used to relate to something, followed by determining who should see the image and where they should see it. With very graphic images such as the ones in the article many people may feel as it is not appropriate to publish them.

On the other hand, sometimes there are photos that don’t get publish for the no reason other than that the picture has nothing of significance to add, or that the picture itself just isn’t all that good.

For example:


This is a picture I took back in January of this year, and while the actual photo quality is decent, the image itself isn’t worthy of publishing. For one, to most people this picture wouldn’t be anything special as it gives very little context to what car it is, and where it is being shown. With out the combination of these it would be near impossible for most people to realize that this was taken at CES 2016, one of the largest tech conferences in the world, and that the car being shown is the new Acura NSX, a car that at the time was soon to enter production. So the reason left to use an image as such would be to support an article, and when it comes to using it for that application it would be very easy to find a much better photo to publish.


3 thoughts on “Photo Publishing

  1. You made your point on why this wasnt worth being published because I myself am a gear head. The first thing that I saw was too much relfections on the car, too many advertising, and also it wasn’t shown in focus on the car. It also could have been back in few years when the car already had its prototypes which are called concept cars. Sometimes when vehicles are approaching production release or already a production, the concept car can fall back as far as three years so it is difficiult to identify what vehicle it is. If you took the time to look on the back side where the wheel is and how the rear end looked, you can identify it as the NSX. That was my tell when I analyze the picture. Also there were the Acura logo on the wheel which helped me narrow it down. You made excellent point and I have to agree with you on all of your findin in this photo. Yes I was wondering where this was taken and I would have never guessed it.

    For vehicles, they are worth the hassle to have it published when they are being driven on the road as an image does tell you more than one thousand words. Excellent post man. If i have to tell you one thing, One quick glance without even thinking, you would be thinking that was the new mustang due to its body being similar. Like I said, a quick glance without stopping to even think.

    Was the NSX anything to what you expected it to be? How about the release of the supra? there is a trend going on as theyre starting to bring back old cars into the economy due to its popular demand.

  2. I think this is a great choice of a picture that would not be selected for publishing despite not being entirely mundane. While other pictures of this car in this setting very well may have been published, there are a number of issues with this particular picture. There are a lot of reflections, it says little about the car or location, and there’s a number of distractions. This brings up how important it is that pictures used for publications are set up properly and display a level of quality that is reflective of the publication that is choosing to publish them.

  3. Hello Jon,

    I really enjoyed your illustration post this week. I agree that when it comes to publishing a photo, many things are taken into account on whether it is worthy to be published or not. The example you used does a good a job providing reasons why it is not worthy for being published. There are many reflections on the car and multiple sources of advertising. This creates a lot of surrounding clutter and does not allow for on to just focus on the car alone. When I looked at this image, I looked at the car first; the floor that it was on, and then the blue coloring in the image, proving that there are many distractions.

    I also agree with you that this picture does not give much context to what car it is or where it is being shown. I would have never guessed what kind of car this was unless the image gave it away or it was used as some type of advertisement. As you mentioned, this image would be a perfect fit for an article. I also believe that this would go great as an advertisement if some of the surroundings were blurred our edited out so the many focus was the car alone. Sometime images need to be clearer if there is a message to be told. However, this image did a job relating back to this weeks topic.

    Good Work!

    Todd Skirving

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