Newsworthy = Interesting


To me, “newsworthy” means, simply, “worthy of news”. A picture of sidewalk and a couple of leaves certainly isn’t newsworthy. It’s a very commonplace, everyday occurrence. There is nothing out of the ordinary, nothing interesting, emotional, or even informative about this image. However, I personally find it interesting.

I have always had a fascination with floors and the ground — I know that sounds really strange, but bear with me. To me, floors and the items found on floors represent the things that we overlook. We don’t notice the little things below our feet because our eyes are so focused ahead and up and around. It’s the equivalent of stopping to smell the roses. This theme of floors has risen in a lot of my creative work: a short story I wrote about a bellboy studying the floors of a Stanley Hotel-esque lodge won a small school creative writing award at my high school, and my high school AP Studio Art concentration was a series of paintings depicting different holidays, seasons, and life events through floors — a wedding, autumn, the beach, a break-up, and more.

I look at this image, and I notice the textures and colors that make it actually quite intriguing to me. The leaves add even more interest, but I would be satisfied with just examining the cracks in the concrete. To me, it’s the little details in life that are the most beautiful, and I found that message through… well, floors.

Society’s ideologies claim that “newsworthy” images need to tell a story. Most people would look at this image and not find a story. But different floors and ground views and other things beneath our feet can tell as much of a story as any “newsworthy” image.

Some images from my floor concentration:


2 thoughts on “Newsworthy = Interesting

  1. I was very intrigued by your post. The ground is definitely something we overlook, as I myself never think about it at all. You made an interesting point about being able to tell a lot about what is going on by looking at the floor. After thinking about that, I thought of some things you can notice about a floor that can illustrate what goes on in that place. The material of the floor can tell you what kind of room it may be. The quality of the floor and how worn out it looks can tell you whether it is an old or new. If there are objects scattered on the floor, you might be able to tell what went on there.

    Without knowing where exactly your photograph was taken, I could still learn a lot about it. It is made of stone, meaning it is likely a sidewalk or another paved place outside of a building. There are cracks and signs of wear on the stone, meaning it is probably old and has had to deal with weathering over the years. Also, the leaves in fall colors can tell you what time of the year it is. No one would ever think a floor is newsworthy, but it would be interesting to see what the floor looks like in certain news stories and see what information could be gleaned from it.

  2. Hello Megolexa,

    I really enjoyed reading your illustration post this week. I found your post very interesting with outside of the box thinking. I also want to mention, that the images you provided helped me better understand your post. It gave several options for what you view when looking at a floor or the ground. I agree with you that the ground is definitely something that we overlook. I like the statement you made that, “To me, it’s the little details in life that are the most beautiful.” I believe that his statement is very powerful. In today’s world, we often overlook the many things happening around us. We are focused on what is happening at ‘eye level’. Most people usually do not take the time to look around them to be thankful and appreciative for the little things we have in life. For you, it took floors to understand that there is so much more going on in this world than what we see, or hear, or what the media, for example, may be persuading us to see this world as. For me, it took my girlfriend and coming to college to be more appreciative in life of the little things. This includes the fall colors, the sunsets and sunrises, the people in my life doing the little things for my well-being and just everyday health and happiness. This also includes my parents and all that they do for me. This list is just to name a few. This may have been off topic, but your post made me put into perspective all of these thoughts.

    For the image itself, it made me think of so much more than I would have thought of after reading your post. For example, your image made me think of fall time, cooler weather, and darker colors in general. Before your post, I honestly looked at your image and could not tell you any sort of meaning to it. I think I might try to look at the ground more often just to see what meanings and ‘little things’ I can takeaway from it because of your post. Thank you!

    Good Work!

    Todd Skirving

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