Moving Truck

Moving Truck Rental (Not Newsworthy) 

One of my friends who works for a moving company wanted me to come by and pick him up towards the end of his shift last weekend. I arrived at the destination at the very last few minutes of his shift and saw that the truck was full of client’s things as you see in the photo below. I clearly saw that client was very happy with the result and tipped them for their labor.

From reader’s perspective, it is not newsworthy because there is a lack of connection between the readers and photo itself. Although this photo reveals truth about the workers’ labor and efforts to ensure that everything fits in one truck, but it is not important for anyone or even RIT students to know. Despite the fact on how the photo below may cause misinterpretations, this image still will benefit the reviews and more clients would want to hire this moving company based on the organization and cleanliness in this picture. And even more, who knows RIT students may be interested as well?

In an article titled “The War Photo No One Would Publish,” there are a lot of significant and challenging images that some may agree or disagree with having these published in the press. When reading the article, I was very touched and wanted to help in any way that I could because there was an immediate connection from the article. It is very newsworthy to me but I do feel that if there are humans involved in the photos -we normally do not want to see it and do not see the point of it. I think the society now is becoming more respectful towards others’ families privacy.


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