Hush mode

img_4522So, many of us hear about women getting abused, rapped, assaulted and violated. Many of us get offended by Trump’s comments that he made. My post has nothing to do with politics so please don’t even start because I think a lot of us are over this election. My point is women being abused in any way shape or form is sensitive to everyone. It’s a hush hush topic. Many women do not like coming forward about what happened. Therefore, I feel like media turns a blind eye. When there is a case for example Brock Turner where this poor women was taken advantage of the news portrayed Brock as that star athlete. Why. Why did you have to chose “college Allstar athlete takes advantage of girl” when it should have said “rapist.” Why is this so hard to face in media. Personally I think the media doesn’t know how to deal with it because they care about views. They want numbers. I think they don’t want to lose those numbers so they don’t go too grate into detail about the case or, they make it seem not that bad, “boys will be boys.” I think it should be deeply talked about and put out their for the public to know, of course with permission. I just think it’s a comfort thing. It needs to be put out so this can stop or a girl who sadly has to go through this tragic event can get herself help! There’s nothing wrong with media offering at the end of the news after a case of this kind, to put out a disclaimer where women can go to seek help. This is a gathering a close friend made for her school, MCC. I really thought this was great to step out and create something like this.


3 thoughts on “Hush mode

  1. Hi Kristina,
    I find your post really interesting. I definitely agree the subject of abuse is a sensitive topic and the media should bring more awareness to this issue to give women the courage to come forward. I think it is hard for the media to talk about this topic because like you said, many women are too afraid to come forward. Society is very quick to judge someone, so even if someone came forward and wanted to share her story, she would have to face the world, and that is very intimidating.
    I really like your post and I wish this was a subject that was talked about more often because I believe we could get women of abuse help and hopefully reduce the abuse that is happening.

  2. I completely agree with your post about the media and how they are only in it for the views. Like you said they used the words “Star Athlete” because they wanted viewers to be then interested in that rather than disgusted that someone would ever do something so terrible. You are also right when you call it hush hush because even for those who try to speak out about it all they get in return is “hush hush” because so many people don’t know how to talk about fixing it or they might just rather think it doesn’t happen.

  3. I totally agree with everything about this post. Why we don’t feel comfortable talking about it, I’m still not sure. Why we label rapists as “star athletes” I’ll never know. He’s not a star athlete who assaulted someone. He is a rapist who happens to be good a sports. We should stop using the excuse “boys will be boys” and asking girls who were raped “what were you wearing?” or “were you drunk?” and start teaching men not to rape, not teaching women how not to get raped. I actually love this poster and the message it’s sending. I hope more people start this kind of thing up and maybe the world will start changing. Great post!

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