College Club Party

While thinking of things that are not newsworthy, I started thinking about what makes something actually newsworthy.  There are many events that take place each day, some more significant to some people than others.  Truly newsworthy content has significance for multiple people, not just a select few. That is why the following image is not considered newsworthy.


This is a picture is of the RIT Cosplay Club Halloween party.  The only people who are going to find this significant are people who are either;

A – a member of the club,

B – a fan of cosplay,

C – currently living and/or working on the RIT campus, or

D – any combination of the ones above.

The only circumstance this photo would come close to being considered newsworthy is if it were being posted in an RIT magazine.


4 thoughts on “College Club Party

  1. I think that you bring up a great point about something that would “not be newsworthy”. Often times events that are local or for a smaller group of a people are not newsworthy to the world but very important to the people going. I am sure that everyone who went to this party was looking forward to it and having an article about the party may have gained it a few more attendees. However, there are other activities that may attract a much larger crowd that would be deemed more newsworthy and therefore would make the stand before a small party for a particular club. These days, it seems people are so obsessed with the lives of famous people and large events involving spot lights. These types of parties and events would be more newsworthy than this.

  2. Hi Hunter,
    I really like your post, and I like how you mention that this image may not be truly newsworthy and the only people who will find it significant are those whom are aware of the RIT Cosplay Club.
    In the Zelizer article she mentioned that many people were against gory images when they felt as if it were a threat to their lives. I think a lot of us only pay attention to news that applies to ourselves, or that we find interesting. So I like that, although this image might not get the attention of everyone, it will definitely stand out to those familiar with this club.

  3. I actually really like this post. I understand why you say this wouldn’t be “newsworthy” and it’s good that you posted what people it actually would be relevant for. I like that this post is positive and fun and light-hearted. I think we need more of that in the world, and it should be relevant for everyone because we could all use some happiness.

  4. I think this is newsworthy to a point but I agree with the points you’ve made. This could be newsworthy on the RIT campus, but there are so many events that take place I think it would get buried. Plus, like you said most people who would care already knew about it and/or attended.

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