What is?

In the reading, The War Photo No One Would Publish – The Atlantic the majority of photos shown in it were ones that showed death or violence. Now, in my opinion, I would say the reason that they did not publish the image was because it was  very graphic, and the readers would not need to see the image to get the message across of the  story.

To contrast the war photo no one would publish with ArcherEtAl, they both have the same underlying theme and are asking very similar questions. As I said in the previous post “sex sells” the same goes for controversy, Controversy sells.


The image that I chose was an image that I took.  I chose this picture because it shows that even a perfectly good image still might not make it into the press. This image is simple docile and is not violent, it is not controversial. And it is for these reasons that it is not put in magazines. It shows a typical day on campus in between classes , notice how there are only 3 people in the image. I personally really like the leafs on the trees it really shows that it is fall, The colors Orange, Green, Yellow, purple, they are all there.

Overall I believe that the decision to publish something or not to publish something falls on the publishing agency and if they do not like a picture they can decide not to post it.


3 thoughts on “What is?

  1. I think this is a great contrast of an example for why something may not get published. I like your last statement, that the agency will not publish something it doesn’t like. Whether it be because it is too much, or too little…there has to be a good balance for what to publish, where it will gain attention but not horrify people. Great example, and nice photography! 🙂

  2. I feel at a loss with this image. It seems to be a snapshot – a picture of almost nothing. It has its own triumphs, however. For example, I appreciate the leading line coming from the bottom left corner of the frame, and the beautiful gradients present in the trees. As far as substantial content goes, though, I yearn for more. As my eye dances around this frame I find myself searching for context and narrative. With all of this being said, you were indeed successful in making an image that might not make it to the front page of the paper.

    • I was going for a photo that lacked in something but you couldn’t quite tell what that something was. this photo although poetic leaves the viewer wanting more. just my thought.

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