It is important, isn’t it?


After several rounds of racking my brain for an idea of a “not newsworthy” photo, I finally decided on something that is very important to firefighters and is in our California driver’s handbooks. It may be not newsworthy, but I thought it was very informative for all who may have noticed blue reflectors on roads and wondered what they meant. Those blue reflectors help firefighters to locate hydrants quickly (in the day time and night time). As you notice in the photo, the blue reflector is on the left side of a row of road studs. That indicates that the hydrant is on your left. If the blue reflector was on the right side of a row of road studs that would indicate that a fire hydrant would be on your right.

Blue road reflectors are important enough to be in our California driver’s handbook, but I do not recall reading about it in my handbook when I had to apply for a driver’s license renewal a few years ago. The blue reflectors were first introduced in 2004. So, they have been around for a while. I noticed them last year; I believe it was when one blue reflector reflected brightly one night. I am not sure if there are blue road reflectors in other states. Have you noticed them in your area?

In order to take a picture of a blue road reflector for this week’s assignment, I had to set my iPhone on video mode mounded on a holder several times to capture what I wanted to use. I got two good shots and chose this one because it was a better photographic capture my iPhone could catch while in motion.



One thought on “It is important, isn’t it?

  1. I think that this was a really interesting post about something that is considered “un-newsworthy”. I have never noticed these studs or blue reflectors before, but I have also never been to California which may have something to do with it! I really liked learning about them though because my dad is a Volunteer Firefighter and so it was very interesting! I agree that this photo would not be posted in the news or shown to the public because it only effects a small group of people who need to use it, the firefighters. However, after viewing it, it definitely changes my perspective and will make me look at the roads more carefully to see if I notice anything! This change in perspective and view is what both articles brought to attention that we had to read this week. If the gory images were going to be published in the news, the entire community and all the readers would have completely different perspectives on what they thought of war. The media controls this view and your post which would not make the news, changes my view as well.

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