Weinschenk – Apple iPhone 5


For my image I decided to take a screenshot of the Apple iPhone 5 because I feel like it satisfies a lot of what Weinschenk was talking about and I feel that because of this that is why Apple products like their iPhone is so successful.

One that I thought applied very nicely was number 27 – people process information better in bite-sized chunks. I see this happen all the time whether its the image of apps or the notifications that occur when something happens through them. For example when you get a text you don’t get a notification of the full text you usually either get a notification of the text with the individual who it came from or you just get a small part of the text which helps you better process the information quickly. This helps you to determine if its something that needs to be answered right away or maybe something that you can respond to later when you aren’t as busy.

Another one that I would have never thought of was number 35 – people are driven to create categories – you can see this with the separation of apps and how you can determine how to break these down and what to call these groups. This helps the individual be able to find exactly what they are looking for and it helps them to be able to make it more personable.

The last two that I think strongly connect with this image is number 46 – people can’t actually multitask and number 57 – people are inherently lazy. When I think of how Apple went about solving the multitasking problem I automatically think of autocorrect. Many times I’ll be trying to text and have a conversation it is only after the conversation when I realize that I have misspelled something or skipped some words because there were times that I wasn’t paying attention. With the addition of autocorrect this fixes this common error that most people would run into. Lastly, I believe that Apple supported the idea of people being lazy because it’s located everywhere in their design. Instead of having to type in a password now you can just use a fingerprint or click on a button. Also instead of having to get up to walk down the hall to talk to someone you can just use your phone to text or email someone instead. More particularly apple even made apps that connect you to their news feed and app store to make buying items or getting the latest information even easier for you. While everyone might not be using these particular apps they are using other ones that keep you automatically signed on and are extremely easy to access. While there are other ideas that were mentioned in Weinschenk that are present in the iPhone all of the topics mentioned above greatly influence the user’s experience with the product.

P.S – That is a picture of my adorable kitty named Tucker đŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Weinschenk – Apple iPhone 5

  1. I remember thinking I would be struggling to understand how to use my iPhone6 when I switched from Droid to iPhone. It did not take me long to learn how to use my new iPhone. I, too, categorize my apps according to themes of my choice. If i had questions on how to use other features on my iPhone, visual demos/instructions can be found online. Even the visual demos/instructions were easy to follow. The visual demo/instructions were done in bite-size chunks like you said, #27 and yes, #35 was what I found myself agreeing to because my iPhone and iPad are synced and are set up similarly.

    After reading Weinschenk and your post, it is clear that Apple follows Weinschenk. Not only Apple, many successful products have Weinschenk applications. Convenient. Comfortable. Accessible. Simplicity. Those words are the words that I came up with from Weinschenk and they define what we look for as we manage our daily living.

  2. Apple and the software are awesome examples! Apple is always modern but also makes it easy for us to be users. Without autocorrect I’m sure a lot of my professors would have judged me or laughed. As I keep reading your post I keep smiling because I do all of these. Categorize my apps, when my texts come in I decide how important they are, and I use the fingerprint all the time! Its crazy how we do these things and we don’t realize it. Weinschenk’s applications are definitely used in Apple products (I only use Apple so I cant speak for other products) but our lives revolve around it for sure.

  3. I think what you commented on about Weinschenk’s observation that people are inherently lazy is really interesting. I think that this desire to be this way is in a way beneficial. When people don’t want to spend so much time and effort investing in something, they find ways of making it more efficient and streamlined. People are drawn to apple products because of their sleek and efficient look and function.

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