Understanding People


After reviewing this week’s article, I was able find something that helps me understand people, while relating it back to my personal life. The images above were located on a sample stand at Wegman’s this past weekend. I was able to relate these images to two principles in the reading as well our everyday life.

The first one I thought of was, “Attention is Selective”. When walking through Wegman’s, my “attention can often be pulled away from what I am focusing on.” I love to eat so the wide variety of different food and drink samples always find a way to pull me off track when grocery shopping. The wonderful smell of Wegman’s does not help this either as it makes me feel like I always want to be eating something. A key takeaway in the reading says, “A person’s unconscious constantly scans the environment for certain things. These include their own name as well as messages about food, sex, and danger.” This supports my idea about Wegman’s always triggering senses in me when grocery shopping. With this image, I am attracted to healthy alternatives and healthy foods. Since I play a competitive level of hockey, I am always looking for the best ways to find the best foods and beverages possible to fuel my body. My ‘Attention is Selective’ because I am always on the look out for these healthy options. This sample stand that day caught my attention and the list of benefits on this advertisement handout got me engaged in their product.

The second one I thought of was, “People Are Inherently Lazy.” I would never consider myself lazy, but I am a college student and people like me have found ways to do as little as possible so that we are more efficient. I cannot remember the last thing I read from start to finish. I always look for the key points, takeaways, summaries, or images to help paint the picture of what I am reading. As it says, “People will do the least amount of work possible to get a task done.” I mean why should we do more if we do not have to right? When looking at the health benefits on the backside, I was able to read it quickly and understand what the product was selling. To be honest, if the backside had a paragraph, I would have probably just put it in my pocket and scrapped it into the next available garbage can. I would say I am fairly knowledgeable when it comes to healthy foods and beverages so if there is not a quick way to explain something new to me, then I will probably just ignore it or move on. As this principle says, people are inherently lazy. As I mentioned, people like me and so many college students I know, have learnt to be more efficient, rather then wasting their time. This handout really made me think of the typical college student and all the readings we have to do in class each week. Good for those who still read everything from start to end. For me, it is more important for me to get a better understanding of what the key points are and this handout helped me illustrate my reasoning to why I like things plain and simple.

In conclusion, there was a lot of material to read over, but these two stuck out to me the most when trying to relate it back to my life. I thought these two principles really portray the views and beliefs of a typical college student in general. Whether our ‘Attention is Selective’, where we select where we want to focus our attention even though there can be some situations where something takes our attention off other things or ‘People Being Inherently Lazy’, where I believe this is a flaw because people are just more efficient.


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