Last Man Standing?????

The image that I have chosen is something that came to my mind immediately as the reading pointed me to this direction. The image is a TV with feature button on the bottom and a TV show behind it as well as a fireplace that is on at our home in the living room. While I am watching the TV, my mind wanders off most of the time because there are many things going at once in my direction of focus. I am watching the TV but notice the fireplace was on for some reason so I check to see why the fireplace is on. Maybe I left the door open as cold air is coming into the air which causes the fireplace to be on so I check it out and it is just becoming colder outside while it was in the 70’s earlier on. The fireplace is set at a certain temperature to go on so that is what got me puzzled in the first place why the fireplace is on.I also am wondering about the new TV shows so I am stuck between keeping watching Last Man Standing or switch to a different show.

I am not completely focused on the TV due to few reasons. This can be the mindset of everybody when they watch TV as they watch the character but to take a deep look into the character to see what they are saying on whether they are acting or mean it. It is surreal when I take my time to analyze the characters face movement and watch their movements. You can actually notice whether they are nervous, make a mistake, or forgot their line as they are attempting to act. Another reason why I am not focusing on the TV is because the buttons are blocking the way as I am too lazy to turn it off.

While my mindset is on the TV, there is no way I can multitask doing my homework while watching TV with my favorite show on along with the fireplace on. There are too many things going on at once as you cannot multitask and I have my son next to me in his crib as he is only 15 days old and he is sleeping as I just fed him. It is difficult to multitask with my son in my arm doing my homework or doing my research paper as I am used to using two hands for typing. I decided to put him in his crib so he can sleep while I am enjoying a little quiet time doing my homework before he wakes up. This also supports the evidence that you think you are multitasking but really you are not as your brain is switching over to the next thing I am doing so that theory is provenlast-man-standing


One thought on “Last Man Standing?????

  1. I don’t know if this is going to sound strange I feel like our brains are very similar (lol) while reading your post I could actually see myself in your situation thinking all of these same things. I too would be too lazy to remove the buttons from the tv and only be half watching it while also watching and wondering about the fire place and still working on my homework, and I may not have a son but I do have a cat and I am always paying attention out of the corner of my eye to what he is doing. These are all things I can relate to and I firmly believe our brains are capable of multitasking.

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