Facebook Ads

For my image, I chose Facebook Advertisements. I think these pertain to quite a few of the things Weinschenk mentioned. Three that I can remember off the top of my head were:

Mind wanders 30% of the time: I think facebook ads have done a great job of getting around this by adding SO MANY ads to the page! If 100% of the page is advertisments, how can I avoid paying attention to at least one of them. It really amazes me how much of facebook is advertisements. However, I think I pay less than 30% of my attention towards advertisements. I would give it around 5% since I have sort of conditioned myself to not look at ads (see my third point)

Sustained attention lasts 10 minutes: All the advertisements are very small and simple, and get the point across fast. Of course advertisements have much less than 10 minutes to keep your attention, but I think this still fits the point!

Expectations of frequency affect attention: I am so used to seeing advertisments on facebook, that I don’t look at them as much as other things on the page. I think the point Weinschenk was making is that people may miss things they meant to see but don’t expect. But I am spinning the point, and saying I also think people will miss things they do expect to see but do not want to. If you expect the ads to be in the right hand bar, chances are you’ll ignore the right hand bar. Which, I do. I just noticed for the first time the little trending topics that are included within the ads in the right hand bar. What facebook HAS done right to combat this is put advertisements in my main feed. I do not expect them there and I end up looking at them more often than I would like.



One thought on “Facebook Ads

  1. I think you make a good point with Weinschenk’s thoughts on our minds wandering 30% of the time. There have certainly been instances where I’ve gone on Facebook and have only seen advertisements initially displayed on that main feed. I think this is what is pushing myself and others away from Facebook because it is just becoming a social media site for advertisements and the occasional post by that one friend. Before going onto Facebook, I typically know what I want to do or what I want to look at, but there have been times where my eyes wander to an advertisement about something interesting, such as technology or a sporting event in my case. I may have known what I wanted to specifically look at, but gotten distracted and lost focus because of these advertisements.

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