Weinschenk Article

img_1400While reading the Weinscchenk Article and thinking about things I use on a daily basis that incorporate the ideas mentioned, I thought of the Team Builder Workout App that is used by RIT Athletics. As part of the Women’s Volleyball team, our Strength and Conditioning Coach posts the workouts, records weights, and uploads important lifting information to this site. Then everyone on our team can access the site and see the how our team is doing. I believe that this App relates to a few points in the Weinschenk article. To begin with, in the “How People Think” category, it is stated that people process information better in bite-size pieces (point 27). Diving deeper into this, it is stated that it is not always the number of clicks that should be counted. This is what is shown in the screen shot of the app above. Here, the menu selection breaks the app down into categories (point 35 stated in Weinschenk that helps people think) and then if you want to look more into a category, you would click on it. Then a bit more information shows up which requires you to click on what more you would like to see. This type of bite size information allows you to feel like you are moving towards a goal and not just being bombarded with too much information.

Another point from the Weinschenk article that I think is reflected in this app is point 34, people learn best from example. In this app, our coach is able to post videos to show how a certain workout is suppose to be completed. If we are at home in Summer completing our workout and the description does not make enough sense, this video is an example of how to do it.

A fourth point from the article that I relate to this app is from the “What motivates people” section. Being an athlete, I have gone through cycles of being strong, being injured, and recovering. When you are recovering from an injury often times it can be hard to keep focused and keep pushing on. However, point 50 from the article hit home here. When you begin to see progress in your recovery, or you begin to see the max reps in your weight through the app increase, your motivation to continue lifting and pushing even hard sky rockets. Progress is a huge motivation and definitely is represented in workouts and the life of an athlete.

Over all, there are even more points that this app relates to based on the article and I think it definitely shows a connection to how people think, focus their attention, and how they are motivated.


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