Visual Design for Scientific Poster Presentation

As a Business student, I am not familiar with research posters on RIT campus and it is not because I am not interested in learning more about students’ research on different topics. My issue with that is posters is often too wordy and difficult to read. Despite the cold weather in Rochester lately, I was on my way to Auditing class and passed through the Gosnell building and noticed many research posters on the first floor of Gosnell building. I was convinced enough to take my time and look through different kinds of awesome posters created by students. From that moment, I knew how hard work they have invested into their posters just by my first sight.


I thought what was well done about that poster above is that it is presented in a clear, concise, and graphic format. To emphasize the strengths of this poster, there is more than one type of visual aids including effective usage of graphs, colors, and text format. In addition to the text format, text was fewer than 10 lines long, which makes it easy to read. I love that it is organized with bullet points instead of have the text in bulk of paragraphs.

However, it seems that this poster lacks logical visual flow because I thought what was missing from the poster is the visual strategies where the poster can include headings, arrows, or something to help the viewer to read everything in order, not all at once. My suggestion for the researcher is to have the graphs to be in the middle and add the venn diagrams for discussion purposes. Again, I am not familiar with the poster presentation grading rubric but visual strategy can really be helpful to emphasize the process of its research. Overall, I believe this was a well done poster.


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