Visual Communication-Research Posters


Research posters are very informative, but also hard to look at. The one reading talks about students being more gravitated toward the poster with good aesthetics. I’ll just say this, this poster I took form google because I only am on campus for classes. This is suppose to be a template. This is by far the WORST template they could offer. Going off aesthetics and what are reading talked about, no student would be drawn to this. The first word that pops in my mind is boring.

The poster is informative if you set it up like this. Its grouped together therefore, easy to read and to follow. It has everything a research poster should have. You have your graphs, You have the statistics, you have a comparison chart which is really cool and helpful to the person that is looking at a chart like this. Lastly it even gives a conclusion. My problem with the visual art behind it is the fact its one color. Its bland to me. There are no cool pictures of the experiment. No creative way of creating the headers for the sections. This is also wordy. The key is bullets. Be clear, and concise. Also I don’t know if there is a order to this. If there is it should be labeled because there are two different ways of reading this. You could go down or to the right.

I would have added more colors to it. I would have kept it neutral so like blues and greens. I would have added a few pictures because not only is it evidence that the experiment took place but its cool to see the process. I would have made the section headings more creative where the eye is easily drawn. College students are for the majority, are bored. We sit through lectures that drag, we have professors with that monotone voice. Spice up these research posters don’t make them so boring make them stand out! Every experiment is cool and unique. A poster should reflect that.


3 thoughts on “Visual Communication-Research Posters

  1. I agree with your criticism of the design of this poster template. In particular there are issues with the color of the design pictured above. In particular I see an error in the design of the title of the poster. The white text, with black outline was not a good choice for this poster. The font choice in comparison with background color of the poster is too low. The result of a this low contrast is a title that does not grab the attention of persons who may be walking past. If the font of the title create more contrast, then the title of this poster will call for more attention and improve the visual design of this poster.

  2. While I agree with your criticism on how boring the design of this template is, I don’t agree with what you are saying about the colors. I think that because there is already so much information on this that adding more colors would just make it more unappealing. This is because it would be adding another thing that your eye then has to pay attention to or take in. I personally like the blue that they decided to use and how they incorporated white and black into it. It keeps it simple and organized for the reader. In addition they use different shades of blue so you can tell that they title above the separate sections are clearly different from the background, thus grouping it nicely together. Lastly, I agree that there should be a picture or some sort of visual to break up all of this information because it is information and text heavy for someone to understand and want to read.

  3. I think a secondary color could definitely elevate this poster and help organize its hierarchy. To make it a bit more modern, though, I would consider changing the swatches of color to flat. The gradients make it feel like a dated powerpoint slide for sure. Also, I wonder if the abstract could be shortened? That text is so small it’s impossible to read.

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