Presenting Complex info. Visually


When it comes to presenting complex data and information in a visual way a research poster can be a very appetizing approach to display it. The poster that I looked at was titled Propane fueled air cooled engine development for Non-Transportation Applications,  and was really well thought out, the design of the poster was very fluid and it seemed as if your eyes naturally moved from element to element. I would like to guess that the designer of the poster had some sort of background in design of some sort because it was really good other than the blue background. Another thing that I really liked about the poster was that it was the way that they showed graphs to depict the complex data sets that they were talking about. This is a really good way to help a reader understand what the poster is about in a quick manner. It helps the user to see what the data is and also related it to what you told them in other areas of the poster. All in all, I feel that every poster that is made is left up to interpretation, and people that are able to communicate through visual cues and representations are generally better at designing things than others.


One thought on “Presenting Complex info. Visually

  1. The setup format looks good in the three column method as it shows a lot of data but few images so that might be not in true with what Tufte was trying to explain? For the inviting visualization, I would place it in front instead behind all the “screen diamond” that’s on the glass as it was distracting for me and sore to my eye. The sense of data was right on point and made the audience curious to continue reading so the attention, label, visual scale of measurement was present for this one. I think this format had a rich content so this helped to make the designer respect the audience when they created the paper.

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