Playgrounds for the Disabled


My poster was found in the Gleason building, and showcases a senior design project that a team of RIT students worked on.

One of the main things that I like about the poster is how the content was organized on it. All of the details on how the project was built are on in a column on the side of the poster, leaving the rest of it for pictures and any information that required pictures.  I also like how the two sections have different colors, allowing the viewer to more easily tell them apart. The dark text also helps the viewer read the information in both sections.  Designing the layout in this way helps present the information more clearly and efficiently.

There is one thing that seems strange to me. The title has two different font formats for each line of text. There doesn’t seem to be a reason to make the secondary line of text bold, or to make the first one all caps. It’s just a minor complaint though, and the rest of the poster is designed very well.



3 thoughts on “Playgrounds for the Disabled

  1. Hi Hunter,
    I really like your critique of this poster. I like that this poster has mostly images and little text that way someone doesn’t have to spend a lot of time reading it, they can just look at the images to get an understand of what the poster is about.
    It’s also interesting using two columns to present their information. It makes the content easier to read and creates a divide in the paper.

  2. I really like this poster that you chose and definitely agree that they did a great job with the layout. The designer understands that someone walking by may not have time to stop and read a lot of text so by having a large image with “zoom” features to show the detail of certain spots, it is much easier for someone to understand with a shorter glance. It also is a great use of visuals to help those who are not as knowledgable in the field to understand what they are talking about. Because all of the details and goals of the swing are in the side column, one could connect those with the images that are large and very descriptive. I think that this poster is very successful and was a great piece to analyze.

  3. I think this poster is actually really well thought out and organized. The text is easy to read and the visuals definitely help understand each concept thoroughly. Although you may not like the extra line of bold text, for me, it helps learn the names of each individual part and makes it that much clearer. Overall, a good poster to choose for this assignment!

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